How We Help

We work exclusively with business owners (and their businesses) and real estate investors to help them grow their businesses, increase cash flow, protect their assets and, of course, pay less in tax.

If you have a business, or plan to, and/or have real estate investments, or plan to, then chances are we have a program that’s right for you.

Program #1: Diane’s Private Clients.

Diane Kennedy works exclusively with 12 clients, doing personal coaching on accounting, financial and tax strategies. This program includes unlimited email consultation, phone consultation subject to her schedule, monthly analysis of your financial statements (just like a CFO would do) and preparation of business and personal returns. She is currently has space for just two more clients. If you would like to be interviewed for a spot, please contact

Diane’s Private Clients (Program #1) is best for you if your business is dynamic and you’re committed to meeting your goals as quickly as possible. Some of Diane’s clients want her to focus exclusively on tax savings strategies for their ongoing and new projects while others want to put her 30+ years of real estate investment and business experience to work for them.

Program #2: Strategy/Year-Round Program.

If you’re paying too much in taxes or are concerned about some big potential taxes such as from a proposed sale or from bad debt forgiveness, then you probably need an intensive, personal strategy to get an overview and comprehensive plan first. This program starts with a personal consultation with Diane and then signing up for tax preparation and unlimited consultation with a CPA who is skilled in the area of your investments or real estate. Diane will look at your information, past tax returns, goals and objectives and put together strategic ideas for your next steps. We’ll then talk through the ideas and co-create an action plan that quickly gives you the results you need. If you are serious about saving on taxes, legally and safely, then this strategy is for you!

In the year-round program, you’ll work with your USTaxAid Services accountant on the implementation of the strategies and preparation of your returns. To learn more about a tax strategy with Diane and/or the year-round program, please contact or call him at 888-592-4769.

USTaxAid Services Strategy/Year-Round (Program #2) is best for you if you’re looking for a jump start on tax savings and recognize the value of having a full service, unlimited access CPA right on your staff. You get that for a minimal fee each month, hundreds of dollars less than the retainer with a CPA with half the experience.

Program #3: International Business.

If you are living in the United States and have or have plans to develop an international business you will need specialized tax planning and preparation to meet the specialized rules and requirements. Diane has recently written a book describing in detail the intricacies of this area and has a limited number of openings available to provide consultation and client services. The Book can be purchased at Sign up for the consultation and have Diane review the details of your specific case and answer your questions. Sign up for the consultation at If you have questions or would like more information contact or call him at 888-592-4769.

Business Tools:

All of the programs include enrollment in the new tutorial course and access to the previous three months of Coaching program recorded sessions. ($67/month value) and Insider’s Club $9.97/month value).

We also provide full service IRS and state audit representation and negotiation.

The difference between our services and others is that our tax pros average almost 20 years of experience in real estate, business and investment tax work. That’s not 20 years total, like some 2 or 3 person firms will boast. That’s the average per person.

It’s Your Money. Keep More Of It.

Give us a call at 866-829-2368 ext. 1 and we’ll help you keep more of it.