Diane Kennedy, CPA

Diane’s message is clear, “It’s Your Money. Keep More Of It.” Diane has been a small business advocate for over 30 years, disclosing the business and tax secrets that the nation’s wealthiest use to make more money and pay less tax.

“The Tax Code is full of tax breaks anyone can use. The problem is that the IRS doesn’t tell you what they are. That’s why we’re here.” – Diane Kennedy, CPA

You may know Diane Kennedy as the Loopholes Queen.

When Diane’s ground-breaking book “Loopholes of the Rich: How the Rich Legally Make More Money and Pay Less Books” hit the market in early 2001, it flew off the shelf. For the first time, everyone had access to the tax strategies that the rich had. Diane had worked for, and billed, the nation’s most successful business owners tens of thousands of dollars and now every small business owner could learn what until then only the rich knew.

Recognized by peers, government and clients alike for her business acumen.

Diane was part of the first ever White House Roundtable on Financial Literacy and has met with members of the Senate Finance Committee and House Ways and Means Committee to discuss ways to educate taxpayers on financial and business literacy.

Her award-winning sites are flooded with visitors, eager for tax information written in layman’s terms.


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… and more.

Real-Life Entrepreneur

Diane is a business owner and real estate investor who leads with her heart in causes and businesses she feels passionate about.

In late 2007, a business partnership failed and she and her husband Richard experienced huge real estate losses in the next year. From that low point in 2008, they were able to re-create their passive income, from the ground up, to double their monthly expenses by August 2010. In the next six months, passive income was triple their expenses.

Her motto during the tough times was, “Your business isn’t coming back. It’s moving forward. Are you?”


Diane and Richard have always supported the causes near to their heart, supporting dis-advantaged and abused women, children and animals in the US and internationally in India, Mexico and other countries.

In 2004, while visiting an orphanage in Juarez, Mexico their company had funded, they met their soon-to-be teenage son David. David is grown now and he works with his parents in supporting orphanages, education and funding a street dog rescue in Mexico.

Want to know more about any of these subjects? Diane is dynamic, well-spoken and engaging. It’ll be hard to find anyone who can make the subject of taxes come more alive then she can!

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